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Infant Circumcision Registration (baby boys up to 6 months)

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We have carefully considered the risks and benefits of this procedure and have discussed them with my family physician or other healthcare professional.
We understand that Buenafe Clinic is one of the few clinics offering circumcision on adults under local anesthesia and they have explained to me this new approach.
We understand that complications after circumcision can occur, although the frequency varies with the skill and experience of the doctor, and are infrequent at Buenafe Clinic. Complications may include:
Significant post-op bleeding (1/100) Phimosis or narrowing of the shaft-skin opening over the head of the penis (1/500) Buried or trapped penis in the abdomen (1/800) Infection requiring antibiotics (1/1000) Meatal stenosis or narrowing of the urethra (1/1000) Sub-optimal cosmetic outcome (1/500) Trauma to the head of the penis (never in this practice) Injury to the urethra including urethra-cutaneous fistula (1/1000) More serious complications including death (never in this practice)
We understand that it may be necessary for the doctor to use some or all of the following modalities to stop any bleeding should it occur:
Pressure dressings Skin glue Bipolar cautery Suturing
The doctor has explained that, in their opinion, circumcision would be beneficial. However, they do not believe it qualifies for classification as medically necessary, according to Manitoba Health requirements and does not meet Manitoba Health guidelines to bill Manitoba Health for a non-medically necessary service. I request to pay privately for this procedure as per the Buenafe Clinic private fee schedule.
We confirm that we understand that we must not give any anti-inflammatory medications in the 7 days before my procedure. Examples: ADVIL, IBUPROFEN, ASPIRIN, MOTRIN, etc.
We understand that scheduling procedures requires careful planning and coordination between the facility, doctor, and support staff necessary for the procedure. In addition, special medical instrumentation is prepared and sterilized for each individual procedure. Therefore, any cancellation or no-show with less than 48 hours notice will incur a $150.00 fee.
We agree to be circumcised by Dr. Buenafe. By submitting this consent form I am acknowledging that the complications and risks of this procedure have been explained to me.
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Infant Circumcision Registration (baby boys up to 6 months) - Buenafe Clinic

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